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We welcome you to our latest edition of City News/Boca’s Best. Here you will find our current  magazines with all the latest events happening in our little slice of heaven.

The coming months will bring us the best weather as well as all the local Festivals and this year, City News/Boca’s Best will be sponsoring many of the local events.

We do hope you and your family will attend some, if not all the listed events. Show your community spirit while helping many of our  local charities.


Most important, we wish to welcome you to our new responsive web site.  Please click throughout the site and enjoy our content. We hope you get the opportunity to try our advertisers and use there products and services. Local photos of interest or just pictures of your pet, comments or suggestions, just email lucy@citynewsmagazine.com or lucy@bocasbestmagazine.com. Being your local community magazine, we are always happy to accept any referrals or suggestions of improvement for our magazines. Thank you and enjoy.